Hecostix Hand Eye Training

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Safe for all ages & skill levels

  • Certified Non Toxic
  • EVA Foam Construction 
  • Weighs 5 oz. 
  • Waterproof 
  • Used Solo or in Group Settings


  • Helps players focus and pick up release points
  • Improved pitch recognition 
  • Improved contact and reduces strikeouts
  • Hit better to the opposite field
  • Increase players overall offensive production
  • Tracking colors helps players see the rotation of pitches
  • Faster hands and reaction speed


  • Simulates watching the ball into the glove 
  • Pick up the ball off the bat 
  • Incredible pop fly drills with wind and ball spin
  • Overall fielding is improved as hand eye coordination improves


  • Unparalleled reaction drill for fielding
  • Improved focus and cognitive functions
  • Pick up the ball off the bat 
  • Fight or Flight training for pressure situations

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